Spark Testimonials

Joelle C.

“The perfect solution for work space. Amazing people, very affordable, modern, clean and welcoming space with all the amenities; Spark makes everything extremely easy!”

Bryan C.

“My home internet was unstable and dropping continuously through the day, and I had a week of calls/meetings and presentations. I reach out to Chris and Jenna at Spark Offices in Manchester and they open up their co-working space as if I was a part of the family. They worked with me to find space where I could present quietly and went above and beyond in accommodating me at a time where I really needed it. Needless to say, I signed up for a monthly coworking membership and I’m glad I did.”

Matthew W.

“As a new member I immediately felt welcomed by the community. The space itself is spotlessly clean and well maintained. There is a large shared desk area as well as a “zoom room”/phone booth as well as a private office and conference room available. If you’re doing remote work but want to get out of the house from time to time or running a business and want and “office” you’d be hard pressed to find a better solution than Spark Offices.”

Michelle G.

HR Synergy

“Love my office at Spark! Great place to meet other businesses or just have a change of scenery to focus. The hospitality of the team is amazing.”

Jessica C.

YWCA Manchester

“Spark Offices is a value add to the work of YWCA New Hampshire and our team as it provides an outlet for us to develop and innovate our vision for work and how it can impact the community. Spaces are important-they should be safe, welcoming and honor those who occupy them through their design and culture-Spark checks all of those boxes for us. We love working with Jenna and the team whenever we need a space to gather that will make us more productive and get us away from the distractions of our home office. Additionally, they are a community minded business, as a nonprofit leader in Manchester, I choose our business relationships often based on their alignment with our core values-definitely a bonus I was happy to discover!”

Jessica G.

"I started working from Spark in April and have loved it ever since! Spark offers all the benefits of office life, including reliable WiFi, free coffee, and several rooms for meetings or Zoom calls, in a vibrant, safe, and friendly environment. Jenna and Chris are amazing hosts and work hard to create a welcoming vibe. Working at Spark feels like the best of both worlds: I'm able to build my career in a dedicated, professional space - that isn't my living room or a Starbucks - while flexible, affordable pricing allows me to enjoy the freedom of remote work. I'd recommend Spark to anyone looking to switch up their WFH routine, whether you're a corporate professional working remotely (like myself!), a small business owner, freelancer, or creative.”

Mourad A. - Ph.D. Candidate

“Spark Offices is one of the best investments I have made during the last few months. Working from home was not procuring me with the necessary tools and willpower to finish tasks on time or producing quality writing. Especially for a PhD Candidate and Business consultant like myself; I needed a place where I could conduct my research in a professional environment that is closer to the University’ working facilities, and to set up meetings with my clients without being disturbed. Spark Offices did fix all those issues for myself. The staff is very friendly and professional, the facility itself is well lit, well ventilated, very clean, and contains ergonomic offices for an enhanced working experience. My productivity levels got way better since I have joined Spark Offices, and I was finally able to gain my professional/personal life balance back.”

Chuck S.

Chuck Sink Link

“As a consultant and agency principle, I want to maintain close connections with my business network in the greater Manchester market. I don't need a full time office and Spark provides just the right space and business amenities to make my office work in Manchester way more comfortable than trying to rent an office alone. Plus the nice people you meet there make you want to keep coming back!”

Christ O.

Belonging House

“Jenna has made my experience at Spark great! She has shown a lot of flexibility around my need to travel, use the private office, and communication. It has been great to have a friendly person in the office when I get there after hours of solo and online work.”