One Size Does Not Fit All: We’ve compiled a short list of factors you should consider when choosing the right coworking space for you.

With the popularity of co-working spaces like Spark Offices ever on the rise, it’s important to recognize that these sites are not one size fits all. There are several factors to consider when choosing the right coworking space for you. 

Coworking spaces are their own little brands and each one has something unique to offer, which is why weighing your options is so important in order to find the right coworking space to suit your specific needs. 

Factors to Focus on When Choosing a Coworking Space

If you think about it, you’re probably going to spend a significant amount of time in whatever coworking space you decide is right for you. All the more reason to make sure you’re looking at some important aspects of coworking and, specifically, the space you would like to rent. 

Let’s start with the basics… 

  1. Physical location: This might seem obvious, but it’s so important. Ideally, you probably want to find a coworking space that is convenient to other key realities in your day to day life. Sure, it would be nice if the coworking space is fairly convenient to your home, but you can also consider its relation to other daily tasks, like dropping your kids off at school or daycare. Also, is it helpful to you to work in a space that is situated near other businesses, like restaurants and retail? If you plan to work and then pick up something for dinner — either takeout or grocery items — you should target coworking spaces in larger city centers or suburban communities.
    • Spark Offices is conveniently located in Manchester’s historic millyard, easily accessible I-293 and within walking distance of downtown’s restaurant and retail scene.
  2. Parking: On that note, you don’t want to pick a coworking space that is short on parking or doesn’t provide parking — period. Some coworking spaces are ideal for commuters, and conveniently located near train stations in major cities, which won’t work for you if you intend or need to drive. Experiencing daily frustration at a lack of parking will soon derail even the best of intentions when it comes to showing up and making the most productive use of your coworking space.
    • Spark Offices has plenty of free parking behind our building and an abundance of metered spaces, should the lot fill up during busier working hours or if we — or one of our members — hosts a special event.
  3. Vibe: If you’re hoping to connect with other co-workers, whether in possible collaborations or just to expand your professional and even your social network, you’ll want a coworking space that is set up to support these types of exchanges. That might mean an on-site cafe or common working areas, like large tables and conference rooms, that allow for casual conversations. If you need absolute silence and welcome a break from in-person interactions, you’re going to want a more reserved environment.
    • Not only is the millyard an important part of Manchester’s history, the building housing Spark Offices has been renovated to showcase its original charm while meeting the expectations of modern amenities and conveniences. We’re all about collaboration and networking, so you’ll find our vibe is friendly and welcoming, while always professional and respectful of our member’s needs and goals.
  4. Safe and sound: Security is important, of course, and something you’ll want to evaluate, particularly if you intend to work after hours or during quieter times like weekends. How do you access the space and who else has access to it? If, for example, the co-working space you’re considering is inside a larger building with other offices, is there security on-site? Are elevators and stairwells accessible at all times? Try to imagine your day or night in this space and run through when and how you will need to enter and exit the building.
    • Spark Offices open at *8am and close at 5pmp.m. Monday through Friday, with staff on site to address member needs or issues. Should any member need to work after hours or over the weekend, we can accommodate those requests, while prioritizing safety and security for everyone
  5. Options: Coworking spaces are constantly evolving and what might have started as a shared space with tables and chairs has now evolved to include private offices, conference rooms, and other amenities like high-end furniture and decor, along with personal storage spaces for your belongings, pool tables, and even adult beverages on tap. In fact, as the coworking industry grows, some spaces are created specifically for certain industries or populations, like women only. These kinds of facts can help you narrow your search and ask some questions about the nature of the space and everything it has to offer.
    • Spark Offices prides itself on creating an inviting environment for all of our members, with perks like locally sourced complimentary coffee and free Wi-Fi, along with premium workstations and cutting-edge presentation technology.
  6. Price: Okay, another obvious factor, sure, but you’ll want to weigh how much you intend to use the space against the monthly or annual fee to do so. Most co-working spaces have pricing options or tiered plans that allow you to find a solution that works within your budget. Ask if it’s possible to level up or down as your needs change.
    • Spark Offices offer Spark Seats for $95 per month, with additional options available and priced accordingly, depending upon added amenities. Check out the details about our rates here.

Thinking about starting the spring season with a coworking space to call your own? We always encourage prospective members to take a tour of any space they’re considering in order to make the right choice.In fact, we are happy to treat you to a free day at Spark Offices so that we can properly introduce you to everything our co-working space has to offer. Have other questions or concerns? Reach out to our team today!