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How can collaborative office space ignite my business?

With coworking spaces popping up across the country, you may ask yourself if you are a good fit for these collaborate workspaces. Sure you are getting the job done working from home, but perhaps this is the spark you need to take your business to the next level.

Spark Offices is a cutting-edge coworking solution for solopreneurs, business owners, and freelancers looking for a more professional space to launch, support, and grow their business.

Stop by today for a tour of the facility and see how Spark Offices can energize your business.

Spark Benefits

Be Productive in Peace

Spark Offices provides a quiet sanctuary from the chaos of working from home or your neighborhood coffee shop. Our facility is safe, secure and features amenities to enhance your comfort and optimize your productivity.

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Spark Benefits

Make the Right Impression

Present the most polished version of your growing business by meeting with clients in our impressive, state-of-the-art facility. Our professional and pristine surroundings help you build a business that others admire and trust.

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Spark Benefits

Save Without Sacrifice

As you launch and grow your business, you probably don’t have the budget for an office of your own -- yet. Securing your space in Spark Offices nets you all the perks of your own office at serious savings.

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Spark Benefits

Work With Your Network

More than a dedicated space to grow your business, Spark Offices is your professional destination for discovering and building your tribe. Our exclusive community is rich ground for networking with like-minded colleagues, while promoting your business.

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Spark Benefits

Access and Share Knowledge

We are committed to providing our members with educational opportunities and ongoing training for your best business. Whether you want to learn, share your knowledge, or both, our calendar is packed with possibilities.

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Premium Coffee & WiFi

All of our members get the convenience of complimentary coffee and WiFI.

State of the Art Work Stations

We provide a variety of collaborative and personal workstation options.

Newest Presentation Technologies

Deliver your winning presentation on our brand new 65" LED television.

Mastermind and Education Opportunities

Our community-driven platform is a great way to network, learn and grow.

Spark Offices | Coworking Space in New Hampshire

“The perfect solution for work space. Amazing people, very affordable, modern, clean and welcoming space with all the amenities; Spark makes everything extremely easy!”

- Joelle Creamer

“I started working from Spark in April and have loved it ever since! Spark offers all the benefits of office life, including reliable WIFI, free coffee, and several rooms for meetings or Zoom calls, in a vibrant, safe, and friendly environment. Jenna and Chris are amazing hosts and work hard to create a welcoming vibe. Working at Spark feels like the best of both worlds: I’m able to build my career in a dedicated, professional space – that isn’t my living room or a Starbucks – while flexible, affordable pricing allows me to enjoy the freedom of remote work. I’d recommend Spark to anyone looking to switch up their WFH routine, whether you’re a corporate professional working remotely (like myself!), a small business owner, freelancer, or creative.”

- Jessica G.

“Love my office at Spark! Great place to meet other businesses or just have a change of scenery to focus. The hospitality of the team is amazing.”

- Michelle G.

“Spark Offices is a value add to the work of YWCA New Hampshire and our team as it provides an outlet for us to develop and innovate our vision for work and how it can impact the community. Spaces are important-they should be safe, welcoming and honor those who occupy them through their design and culture-Spark checks all of those boxes for us. We love working with Jenna and the team whenever we need a space to gather that will make us more productive and get us away from the distractions of our home office. Additionally, they are a community minded business, as a nonprofit leader in Manchester, I choose our business relationships often based on their alignment with our core values-definitely a bonus I was happy to discover!”

- Jessica C.

“This is a fantastic space for business owners of all levels, but especially for those just getting started. A great alternative to a Panera or Starbucks, Spark Offices is professional, clean, and most importantly…it’s quiet! While working at home can be convenient and cost-saving, it’s also valuable to have a professional place (with reliable WiFi!) where you can go to focus and get work done without the distractions. We look forward to using this space frequently in the future.”

- Jessica T.

“As a new member I immediately felt welcomed by the community. Some of the members had clearly been using the space for a while and knew each other but I was welcomed into their conversations.

The space itself is spotlessly clean and well maintained. There is a large shared desk area as well as a “zoom room” / phone booth as well as a private office and conference room available.

The location of the office is very convenient. It’s easy get to with plenty of parking and lots of restaurants and amenities nearby.

If you’re doing remote work but want to get out of the house from time to time or running a business and want an “office”. You’d be hard pressed to find a better solution than Spark Offices.”

- Matthew W.

“In this crazy job and real estate market, I found myself without my trusty home office and facing the “in-between” of closing on the sale of our house and purchasing another out-of-state.

Spark Offices was the perfect solution to have reliable WiFi, friendly faces, easy and convenient access, and a super helpful management team. The membership process was easy to navigate and Jenna was incredibly responsive to any and all needs I had.

I would highly recommend for anyone looking to work in a new space full- or part-time during the week. Spark Offices was the perfect solution to an interim problem in a clean and connected environment!”

- Se B.

“Spark provides a great, comfortable workspace in the heart of Manchester’s vibrant mill yard district. It is a professional space, designed with collaboration in mind. Whether you need a primary workspace, or a satellite location I highly recommend Spark Offices.”

- Shawn W.

“I was in quite a pickle. My home internet was unstable and dropping continuously through the day, and I had a week of calls/meetings and presentations. I reached out to Chris and and Jenna at Spark Offices in Manchester, and they opened up their co-working space as if I was part of the family.

They worked with me to find a space where I could present quietly and went above and beyond in accommodating me at a time where I really needed it. Needless to say, I signed up for a monthly Co-Work Membership, and I’m glad I did.

If you are looking to escape the home office or need a spot to grow your business, then look no further than Spark Offices.”

- Bryan C.

“Spark offices are such a great idea for those looking for a professional setting to hold meetings, especially if you can’t afford a more permanent office space. What a fantastic idea to allow for membership at such a reasonable price. I especially love the conference room. It’s perfect for small group lectures, meetings and trainings. I highly recommend people check out this space. And who doesn’t love free coffee?!!”

- Heather T.

“Using the conference room and having access to free Wi-Fi at Spark Offices has allowed me to serve my clients more effectively. Working from cafes can get a little loud, with too many distractions. I needed an affordable office solution that was safe, quiet and clean to conduct meetings with my team and clients. The staff is both friendly and accommodating making this the perfect professional solution to serve my clients’ needs.”

- David D.

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