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March 14, 2022
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September 19, 2022

Discover Why Chris and Jade Duhaime Created Spark Offices 

With the popularity of co-working spaces ever on the rise, we wanted to sit down with the co-founders of Spark Offices, Chris and Jade Duhaime, for a brief in-house interview to answer a few questions about the creation of Spark Offices and the value of co-working.

Check out their answers to questions like, How did Manchester’s leading co-working space beginWhy did Spark Offices’ coworking solution open in Manchester’s Millyard? 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Is coworking right for me as a freelancer, solopreneur, or working parent who needs the space and mental break that working outside of the home affords?

Read these personal insights into the story that ignited Spark Offices, as shared by its very own co-founders.

1. What inspired you to open your own coworking space or can you identify a particular moment that made you think, “I need to start Spark Offices?”

“We knew and appreciated the benefits of work from home, but the reality is that it’s not for everyone or every situation. Manchester is a community that’s given so much to us, and we saw an opportunity to give back to it with a unique offering that solves challenges associated with WFH and the COVID-19 pandemic.” – Jade

2. Timing is everything, as they say. What impact, if any, did the COVID-19 pandemic have on your plans or projections for Spark and, as restrictions ease, do you think coworking spaces will continue to prove popular for professionals? 

“It was a scary time to start a new business for sure. The type of members we’re seeing are different than we were expecting because of COVID, but our business has definitely grown beyond what we were expecting, given our doors opened when a lot of other businesses were closing theirs.” – Chris

3. What made you choose Manchester or, specifically, the historic mill building where Spark Offices is located?

“I was born and raised in Manchester and always loved the Mill buildings, so when I had the opportunity to start a business in the mill buildings, I had to take it.” – Chris

4. With membership increasing and more people using the space to host workshops and events, what kind of feedback have you received about Manchester’s Spark Offices? 

“We hear comments like: ‘I love the community,’ and it ‘Feels good to be in a space where productivity is happening; it’s contagious.’ Ultimately, people are enjoying working next to people again. They’re enjoying getting back to business and having more people in here helps with that inspiration.” – Jade

5. What are you most proud of regarding Spark? 

“I’m proud of all the relationships we’ve been able to build and all the businesses we’ve been able to help and grow.” – Chris Duhaime

“I’m proud of Chris mostly. Spark was his idea, and his commitment to its success and the success of our members is really inspiring. To me, it is the difference that our customers feel that keeps them wanting to come back.” – Jade

6. If someone is on the fence about starting a membership or hosting an event at Spark Offices, what is one thing you think they should know that would give them the green light to get started?  

“If someone is unsure, they can always sign up for one of our free day passes or come to one of our many free events to see if Spark is a good fit for them and their business.”  – Chris

Thinking about a coworking space to call your own? We always encourage prospective members to take a tour of any space they’re considering in order to make the right choice.In fact, we are happy to treat you to a free day at Spark Offices so that we can properly introduce you to everything our co-working space has to offer. Have other questions or concerns? Reach out to our team today at