Cleaning and Health Guidelines



First and foremost, we are setting a new bar for cleanliness. All doors, workstations, and common areas will be disinfected daily. We also have set up sanitation stations to wipe down your work space before starting a productive workday if this extra step makes you more comfortable.

We expect all members to be respectful of others. For that reason - we ask that all members use disinfectant wipes or wash their hands each time they enter the space.

Points of Contact:

Elevator Buttons

Door Handles

Light Switches

Desk Surfaces

Desk Surrounds

Chair Arms

TV Remotes

Coffee Maker

Printer Touch Screen

All Kitchen Surfaces,

Faucet, and Drawer Pulls

No Mask Shaming


Everyone has a different comfort level being out in the public. We completely understand that and want to be respectful of everyone. We think that the best way to handle this situation is that if you are going to be moving throughout the common area we ask that you wear a mask to protect yourself and others. When you are sitting at your desk working we feel comfortable giving the green light to take off your mask if you wish. The only thing we really ask is that you be respectful of others' decision to wear a mask or not. You do not know their situation and they are just doing what they feel is best for themself and their family. There will be no mask shaming at Spark Offices.

It is our desire to have everyone feel safe and stay healthy while being able to utilize the Spark Offices to the fullest. Thank you for being part of the process.

The Easy Button


We want to make this transition to a new normal as easy as possible for everyone. We have hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, masks, and antibacterial soap available in many locations throughout Spark Offices. Please help yourself!